How is the World Cup connected to the freedom to marry?

Written by Freedom to Marry Summer Intern Sam Schoenburg
Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only voice for equality at this year's World Cup.
Lesbian and gay couples already enjoy the freedom to marry in the host country, South Africa. The country became the first African country and the fifth country worldwide to grant marriage equality when its Parliament voted the measure into law in 2006. The change came after an addition was made to section 9(3) of the South African Constitution, which explicitly forbade discrimination against people based on sexual orientation.

Among the seven countries that currently allow the freedom to marry, another three, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal, will be competing in this year's ultimate soccer competition. As the USA goes for its first win in their tournament debut against England tomorrow, Americans can cheer on the team while continuing to keep the pressure on to win marriage equality here at home.

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