Mainers United for Marriage launches new website and video

Mainers United for Marriage, the campaign to win the freedom to marry throughout the state of Maine, launched a new website and video today that will help connect supporters of the freedom to marry with local organizing teams in the state. The organization has been working this year on placing a citizen's intiative on the November ballot that would allow same-sex couples to receive marriage licenses while also protecting religious freedom. This is the first proactive ballot measure for marriage in the country.   

The new website effectively lays out tangible steps that supporters can take to further the mission of Mainers United. The site's "Take Action" section demonstrates a variety of ways in which people can contribute to the cause. Whether it's writing a letter to the editor of a local newspaper in Maine, signing the pledge to win marriage in Maine, or signing up to volunteer and get the word out about the ballot initiative, supporters can make an impact on this initiative and show the world why marriage matters. 

Last week, the organization announced a major donation and the launch of a fundraising matching challenge — Chris Hughes and his fiancé, Freedom to Marry senior adviser Sean Eldridge, have pledged up to $100,000 to the organization as part of a four-week dollar-for-dollar matching gift challenge. The campaign ends on June 7, so visitors to the Mainers United site should also take advantage of the matching challenge by using the new website's "Donate" button.

Mainers United also released a new video animation this week called "Winning Marriage in Maine." The video straightforwardly lays out what Mainers United has done so far and how the marriage movement has developed in the state. Take a look, and share it:  

Freedom to Marry is a leading and founding member of the Mainers United campaign, and in preparation for the website launch, we provided staff support and resources. Maine is also part of Freedom to Marry's Win More States Fund. Every single penny donated to the Win More States Fund will directly contribute to the effort to win the freedom to marry in Maine and other battleground states. We are proud to be working with Mainers United and are committed to seeing Maine become the first state to proactively win marriage for same-sex couples at the ballot box.