Maryland House Committee Vote on Marriage Bill Set for Today, More Supporters Needed

Update 2:10 PM: Committee members Jill Carter and Tiffany Alston are withholding their votes because they want other issues fast-tracked in the same way the marriage bill was, including a child custody bill and education funding. Del. Carter says she will not vote for the bill until she hears back from the House leadership.

Today Maryland's House Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the marriage bill that was passed by the Senate last week. Sponsors have a one-seat majority in the committee – but the full House is a different story. Freedom to Marry has staffers on the ground working with Equality Maryland to reach the 71 votes needed for passage.

We've learned that House members' phone lines are being flooded with robo-calls from anti-marriage groups, so we need to take action to remind Delegates that a majority of Marylanders support the freedom to marry. If you live in Maryland you can easily call your lawmakers to tell them that it's time to pass HB 175. Just go to and you will be automatically connected with your representative. If you don't live in the state, please forward the link to anyone you know who does.

Time is short – a vote on the House floor could come as soon as Thursday, so make you voice heard before it's too late!