New Hampshire legislature to vote on the freedom to marry next week

The effort to defend the freedom to marry in New Hampshire is gaining momentum as the state legislature prepares to bring the popular law to a vote next week.


Nearly 3,800 gay and lesbian citizens from every part of the Granite State have exercised the freedom to marry since New Hampshire passed the legislation in 2009. “That’s something to celebrate in this wonderful place that we call ‘home,’” said former State Senator and Representative Jim Splaine in an op-Ed this week. “In our world, there is nothing more important than the way we treat one another, and repealing equality is not something our state has ever done … We passed the legislation allowing for civil marriage equality the New Hampshire Way,” he added. Splaine served 30 years in the New Hampshire legislature and was the primary sponsor of the 2009 House bill.


Earlier this week, opponents proposed bringing the law to voters through a ballot question on whether the state should restore civil unions. The proposal will appear as an amendment to the bill when it comes to the House floor. But support for the freedom to marry in New Hampshire has only grown since the law passed, with 62% of voters opposing marriage repeal according to a poll released in October.


Freedom to Marry has been an integral part of Standing Up For New Hampshire Families, the bipartisan coalition of citizens, business owners, people of faith, and civic leaders who oppose repeal of the law. To support the freedom to marry in New Hampshire, click here to visit the Standing Up for New Hampshire Families website and make sure to “like” their Facebook page! If you live in New Hampshire, click here to contact your officials.