New Washington poll tracks majority support for marriage

A new poll released out of Washington state yesterday indicated that 51% of voters there believe the freedom to marry should be "legal," while 42% believe it should be "illegal." This confirms previous polls demonstrating majority support for marriage in the state, including a poll from The Associated Press at the end of May that found 55% support. 

For the past few months, marriage advocates have had their eyes trained on Washington state, where Gov. Christine Gregoire signed a freedom to marry bill into law in February. Anti-gay activists managed to collect enough signatures to approve a referendum, so now, Washington residents will be asked to approve Referendum 74 in order to uphold the freedom to marry. A "yes" vote approves the law.

The new PPP poll showed growth from a similar survey in February, when 49% of respondents said they supported the freedom to marry, with 44% saying they opposed it. This week's poll finds 82% of Democrats in favor of marriage for same-sex couples, 53% of Independent voters in favor, and 55% of people under the age of 65.

This polling demonstrating support for the freedom to marry is a positive development for the citizens of Washington - it shows that they value love, commitment, and respect for all couples. However, the polling does not translate to an automatic victory for fairness for all loving couples. We need to continue the conversation on marriage in Washington, help Washington residents understand why marriage matters, and make it clear that their devoted support at the ballot is the only way to truly protect all same-sex couples and their families. 

Washington United for Marriage, a coalition of organizations committed to winning the freedom to marry in the state, is working to foster this positive growth on marriage for all couples. Freedom to Marry, one of the leading and founding members of Washington United, is supporting Washington through our Win More States Fund, every penny of which goes directly back to managing marriage campaigns in key battleground states. You can help capitalize on the momentum from this latest pro-marriage poll by donating to the Win More States Fund HERE