South Carolina Republican State Senator takes stand for the freedom to marry

Yesterday, September 23, South Carolina Republican State Senator Tom Davis announced on Facebook that he supports the freedom to marry.

In his Facebook post, Senator Davis spoke out about how his conservative values compelled him to support the freedom to marry, applauding the incredible string of victories for marriage in state and federal courts this year. He wrote in part:

Marriage as a crucial and indispensable social institution (and for me, as a Catholic, a sacrament) can and will survive and thrive without the coercive power of the state.

This announcement follows in step with an increased support in the South and among Republicans against marriage discrimination. Recently, several mayors in the South have announced their support for marriage for all committed couples, including Steve Benjamin in Columbia, South Carolina.

Last week, Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry visited Nevada for meetings with state Republicans and other activists as part of the “Reform the Platform” campaign to remove anti-gay language from the 2016 Republican national platform.

These recent events and announcements mark increased support from conservatives and Southern government officials for ending the denial of marriage to couples nationwide.

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