UPDATE: Thousands of Marylanders urge Senator Mikulski to cosponsor the Respect for Marriage Act

Earlier this week, Freedom to Marry along with Equality Maryland and Courage Campaign launched an open letter calling on Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski to cosponsor the Respect for Marriage Act, the bill that would overturn DOMA.

With multiple polls showing that the majority of Maryland residents support the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples, we knew that our Maryland supporters wouldn’t hesitate to ask Senator Mikulski to join her colleague Senator Cardin in cosponsoring this important measure. And now that hundreds of same-sex couples in Maryland like Heather and Amy from Baltimore are legally married[1], far too many families experience the sting of federal marriage discrimination.

Since the launch of the letter, nearly 2,800 marriage supporters across the state have signed on and the number continues to grow. It’s clear that residents of the Free State are ready to bring and end to marriage discrimination so that committed couples like Heather and Amy are able protect and provide for their families.

In the coming weeks, Freedom to Marry, Equality Maryland,and Courage Campaign will hand deliver these signatures to Senator Mikulski’s office to ensure that the voices of fair-minded Marylanders are heard on Capitol Hill. We’ve set a goal of delivering at least 3,000 signatures, which means we’re only a few hundred away!

Here’s how you can help get to 3,000 signatures by the end of the day today:

1.) If you live in Maryland and haven’t signed on to thel etter, go ahead and add your name by clicking here. Then, share the letter on Facebook and Twitter.

2.) If you aren’t a Marylander, or if you’ve already signed the letter, we need your help to spread the word. Click here to share this action with your family and friends who live in Maryland.

Stay tuned for updates in the next couple weeks as we deliver the signatures to Senator Mikulski's office-- we'll be sure to keep you updated!

[1] Note: Gay and lesbian couples cannot legally marry in Maryland, but Maryland recognizes marriages between same-sex couples from out of state.