VIDEO: Mary Lambert debuts video for ‘Same Love’ extension ‘She Keeps Me Warm’

This week, coming off of a rousing live performance of the award-winning 'Same Love' with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at Sunday's Video Music Awards, singer-songwriter Mary Lambert debuted the moving video of her new single, "She Keeps Me Warm."

"Same Love," which has seen record radio play this month in the wake of the Supreme Court rulings on the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, has been celebrated as an anthem for the marriage movement - a pop cultural breakthrough of the message that all love is equal. And "She Keeps Me Warm" extends that message even further.

The video tells the story of a strong female romance. Mary spoke with Billboard about the launch of the song and the video this week. She said:

I felt like there was another story to 'Same Love. I was worried about feeling tacky, like I'm some one-trick pony, but at the same time, there's a reason that the chorus resonated with people. I think that the chorus itself is non-political - it's about this universal idea of what love is. So I made a song surrounding that idea.

For me, writing the song was a very personal endeavor. It's talking about my sexuality and my religion. To have that resonate with people - and not just on a wide scale, with the pushing of gay marriage - but on a very personal, real level, with people talking to me about their experience in church and their sexuality, that's where it really hits home to me. You're hearing these stories, and you know exactly what that person's gone through.

Watch the video and check out the song on iTunes HERE: