Washington parents want their daughters - all 3 of them - to be able to marry

Washington United for Marriage has been busy releasing a series of videos highlighting families who support the freedom to marry. Their latest video features Steve and Robin Boehler, who want all three of their daughters - including their lesbian daughter, Sarah - to be able to celebrate their love and commitment in marriage. 

Washington United for Marriage is working to persuade voters across the state to approve Referendum 74, a ballot measure that asks voters to uphold the freedom to marry. In February, Washington's governor, Christine Gregoire, signed the freedom to marry bill into law. Unfortunately, anti-gay activists filed the necessary paperwork to begin collecting signatures to overturn the law, and last week, they submitted the signatures, meaning that the law will face a referendum in the November election. 

The videos are presenting a wide range of perspectives on why marriage matters for same-sex couples, their families, and their loved ones. Last week, we heard from Tammy and Rachel, who want to marry in their home state of Washington, and this week, Steve and Robin Boehler are speaking out as husband and wife about why they don't want the state to discriminate against one of their daughteres. 

"I would encourage somebody that was challenged by this issue to meet someone or meet a couple that wanted to get married," Steve said. "And whatever you do, don't oppose it until you get a chance to talk to them and hear their story and how much they love each other."

Robin expressed that what she wants for her children is very simple. "That's what we want for our kids," she said. "For them to grow up, and to be able to make decisions on their own. To find someone that they love and that loves them the same way that I love their father and that their father loves me. To be able to have a family of their own. [That way,] someday, when I lay my head down for the last time - a long time from now - I can rest and know that all three of my children have a wonderful, amazing family that they can live in."

Steve and Robin Boehler's views on the freedom to marry are representative of how the majority of Washington state residents feel about marriage. A poll from late last month showed that 55 percent of respondents approved of upholding the freedom to marry in the state. As a key partner in Washington United for Marriage, Freedom to Marry is energized by this majority support and committed to amplifying the voices of people like Steve and Robin Boehler, who only want what is fair for all couples in the state. 

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