WATCH: Evan Wolfson discusses marriage ruling in New Jersey

This week, Freedom to Marry founder and president Evan Wolfson spoke with MSNBC about a Friday ruling by a New Jersey Superior Court judge declaring that same-sex couples should have the freedom to marry in New Jersey. The judge ruled that marriages for same-esx couples should begin in the state on October 21, 2013. Governor Chris Christie has appealed the ruling, and it is unclear now whether a stay will be issued, postponing the start date for marriage. 

Watch video from MSNBC featuring Evan discussing the impact of the ruling on New Jersey, and how it fits into the national Roadmap to Victory

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Evan said:

If the Governor goes ahead and continues to be the last obstacle to couples being able to share in marriage in New Jersey, it either will mean more delay as the case makes its way up to the New Jersey Supreme Court, or possibly, the NJ Supreme Court will do what it ought to do: Let the marriage licenses issue even as it hears the case. The only people being harmed right now are the couples being excluded from marriage - their loved ones and their families. No one is harmed when gay couples can share in marriage. 

There's no question that there's enormous momentum. State after state after state has now moved in favor of the freedom to marry - with others still to come. The Supreme Court has signaled to the country where we're headed: That under the Constitution, the government cannot discriminate against one group of couples versus another. Everyone knows where it's going - a supermajority of people favor the freedom to marry. The legislature has voted in favor of the freedom to marry. Now the courts have ruled in favor of the freedom to marry. Only the governor is standing in the way of New Jersey joining the other states where couples are able to share in the protections and the responsibilities of marriage. 

Marriage supporters in New Jersey are celebrating the ruling while also sticking to the quickest path toward the freedom to marry in the state: by encouraging the New Jersey legislature to act quickly in passing a marriage bill and overriding Governor Christie's veto of the freedom to marry from last year. Every day that same-sex couples are denied the freedom to marry is a real burden to NJ families, who are already doing the work of marriage.

New Jersey United for Marriage is leading the legislative effort. Freedom to Marry is proud to serve as a leading and founding member of NJ United.