Zach Wahls tours Iowa to talk about the importance of the freedom to marry

Last year, a video of an impassioned young man speaking on behalf of his two loving mothers went viral on the Internet. The video - of Zach Wahls speaking before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee about why he's a perfectly healthy young man and why his lesbian mothers deserve the same benefits and protections from their legal marriage as married different-sex couples - racked up thousands of views as people across the country and around the world were moved by his speech. 

Now, Zach has become one of the most prominent young activists, and one of the most outspoken straight allies, for members of the LGBT community. He's written a book - My Two Moms - that fleshes out in greater detail why marriage matters to his mothers and why they shouldn't be discriminated against. He's partnered with GLAAD to lead the charge against the Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay policy that prohibits gay members or leaders from joining the Scouts. And this month, keeping in line with his whirlwind year of advocacy, he's teaming up with One Iowa to talk about the importance of retaining the freedom to marry in the state and to make his message known even beyond the borders of Iowa. 

For the rest of the month, Zach will be touring seven cities in Iowa with One Iowa, the state's LGBT advocacy organization, to meet with supporters in gatherings at churches, community centers, and house parties. He wants to fill his two-week tour with real conversations about why marriage matters and why all same-sex couples should be able to share in the freedom to marry. He is living proof that children of same-sex couples turn out just as strong, independent, intelligent, and kind-hearted as children of different-sex couples.

Zach and One Iowa are working to take the politics out of the "marriage debate" and simply focus on what it really boils down to: loving and committed couples and their families.

The seven-city tour through the state begins in Council Bluffs, then continues through Sioux City, Mason City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, and Davenport. Read more about the speaking tour here, and read more about Iowa and the freedom to marry here.

If you're not in Iowa and can't make it to one of the speaking engagements, rewatch Zach's testimony before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee below, or check out his website