Anti-marriage constitutional amendment


Marriage supporters across the state are continuing to speak out in favor of equality, working to overturn anti-marriage laws in Mississippi so that all same-sex couples can share in the freedom to marry.

Two lawsuits are currently being considered in Mississippi concerning married same-sex couples who want to divorce - in order to do so, the state of Mississippi must respect their out-of-state marriage license. Read more about marriage litigation in Mississippi


In 2004, anti-gay forces in Mississippi pushed through Amendment 1, a constitutional amendment that excludes same-sex couples from marriage.


  • Freedom to Marry is the campaign to win marriage for same-sex couples nationwide. 
  • Equality Mississippi is a statewide organization working toward fairness and equality for LGBTQ Mississippians.


A majority (49%) of Mississippians support some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples which up from 38% only a couple years ago. (Public Policy Polling, November 2013)


According to The Williams Institute's analysis of the 2010 U.S. Census, 3,484 same-sex couples are living in Mississippi, representing 3.1 same-sex couples per 1,000 households.

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